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Cap Badge, Shoulder Titles and Collar Badges of the Essex Scottish
(Credit for photographs of the badges goes to Clifford Weirmeir, with his splendid website about the Irish regiment of Canada)


The MacGregor Tartan of the Essex Scottish Regiment

Regimental History Book: "The 1st Battalion of the Essex Scottish 1939 - 1945" by Captain R.W. Meanwell

The Essex Scottish Pipe Band wore a White Horsehair Sporran with three black Tassels.


The original Essex Scottish Pipe Band of 1940, prior to the Dieppe raid.
The old man sitting to the left of the CO is Pipe Major Jock Copland MBE, his 2 sons are also in the picture.

1940: The Essex Scottish, Pipe Band with Pipe Major Jock Copland in front, Leaving for England.


The entire Essex Scottish Pipe Band signed up for active duty in 1940, and remained as a group until the ill fated Raid on Dieppe. In the Dieppe Raid most of the pipers were either lost in battle or taken prisoner of war and the Regiment had to be rebuilt. The Dieppe raid saw the Essex Scottish take over 500 men to France and only 51 made it out to return back to England, they suffered the most casualties of that raid.


The Essex Scottish and its pipe band entering Dieppe, France in 1944 with the forward-sweeping Canadian Army.

N.B.: Pipe Major Stoker (originally from the Calgary Highlanders) who replaced Pipe Major Copland in 1942, is here seen wearing a leather day dress sporran.


The Essex Scottish Pipe Band parades over the Canal Bridge captured by the Unit during the fighting in the Town of Groningen, Holland on the 15th.of April 1945, the day following the action.


Pipe Major R. Stoker and Sgt. T. Allen, Essex Scottish Regiment, Groningen, Netherlands, 17 April 1945.


Bandsmen of The Essex Scottish Regimentís pipe band, Groningen, Netherlands, 17 April 1945. (L-R): Drummer Dave Reid, Pipers K. Kenney and Tom Coulson, Drummers Bob Moorhouse and Bob Turkington, Piper Archie Beaton, Drummer Hec Stroud. (Besides the P.M., several pipers of this band wear beards.)
Groningen, Netherlands April 17, 1945.


JUNE 29, 1945.Memorial Service in Belgium.
The Burgomaster of Lombartzyde, Belgium, Lieut.Col.P.W. Bennett (Toronto), O.C. of the Essex Scottish during the fighting at Lombartzyde, and Lieut.Col. K.W. MacIntyre (Windsor, Ont.), the present O.C. of the regiment, placed wreaths on the graves of members of the regiment who fell in liberating the village.A composite company of the Essex Scottish, led by Lieut.-Col. MacIntyre, marched through Lombartzyde on June 10 when a street was named after the regiment and a plaque unveiled bearing the inscription "Essex Scottish Laan - Uit Dank aan Onze Bevrijders, 12 Sept., 1911."


April 17, 1945, Groningen. This wee lassie never heard sweeter music in her life (Pipe band of the Essex Scottish, P. M. R. Stocker).


Piper Beaton of The Essex Scottish Regiment playing left-handed bagpipes outside a ruined building, Xanten, Germany, 9 March 1945