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We owe a big "Thanks !" to all the Canadians who have helped us so very much, such as Colonel Slaney (C.B.H.), Drum Major Elms, Pipe Major Ross Stewart and Bud Lloyd (48th, Highrs.) Pipe Major Bob Henderson of the CalHi's, Piper Robert MacBeth of the North Nova's, Colin Stevens - Curator of the Canadian Seaforths' Regimental Museum, Lilian Davis, Pipe Major of the C.W.A.C. and Pipe Major W. J. MacLeod of the Q.OC.H. of C.

If you can help us too, by supplying pictures or info still missing here, please do so and send your suggestions to the webmaster Email by clicking on the E-Mail picture below, thank you so much in advance. Positive reactions are always welcome too !

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