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If you want to try and recognize any of the band, just click on the above photograph for an *enlarged vieuw.

*For instance, I have already spotted Archie Dewar who, from VE-Day on, replaced Andy Anderson (the wartime Pipe Major of the 48th). He is marching in the second row, have a look for yourself !

The three day festival started on the 26th. and finished on the 28th. of June, with as highlight a parade in honour of Prince Bernhardís birthday and the parade would also be reviewed by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, who can be seen standing on the Palace's balcony.

Pipe Major Edmund Esson (now without beard again), as leading Pipe Major, brings the Salute for the Massed Pipes & Drums


This is the same view as used above,for the C.B.H. "Bay News" Newsletter


Now, going round the corner, also a nice view of the drummers


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Quote from correspondence, received 03-03-1994 from Robert (Bob) MacBeth, who was at that moment 1 of the only 2 surviving pipers of the wartime North Nova Scotia Highlanders pipe band:

"Memory: This was not the Victory Parade (of The Hague), but it was our last trip as a massed band, it was more or less an official parade. We did the same in Brussels.

It was a very proud ending for the pipers, tears were shed, it was the last time to see many of them as we were scattered all over Canada."


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